Quick, Easy & Filling Vegan Meals

7 Simple, Satisfying, Filling, Nutritious Vegan Meals that do not Require Hours of Chopping and Prepping

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Eating healthy is about to become exciting and easy!

If you come home from work exhausted, unexcited about having to slave in the kitchen for a healthy meal, despair no more. You won't feel the need to grab the quickest available junk food any longer.

These 7 meals I have put together for you are:
  • Filling & satisfying
  • Vegan
  • Plant-based
  • High-raw
  • Oil free
  • Extremely flavorful
  • Contain minimal ingredients (simple!)
  • Require less than 20 minutes to prepare
  • Will get you excited about healthy food and even making it!

How does this course work?

  1. As soon as you enroll in the course with your name and email, you will receive the Grocery List
  2. The Grocery List is broken down by ingredients you can find at your local grocery store, and pantry items that I recommend purchasing online
  3. You can purchase all pantry items from an online store that ships internationally, and I have linked each individual item, for your convenience
  4. The next day, and each day after that, you will receive an email with a recipe
  5. The recipes will be simple, delicious, and filling, and will not require a lot of preparation or ingredients

Your Instructor

Marina Yanay-Triner
Marina Yanay-Triner

Hi there, Iā€™m Marina. I have been a high-raw vegan for over 5 years now. Through this journey, I learned how to make flavorful, easy, satisfying vegan meals that do not require slaving in the kitchen. I also learned how to make food that satisfies my cravings and need for deliciousness, without feeling horrible after every bite.

After teaching hundreds of people my recipes and unique step-by-step method for creating easy & flavorful meals in person, I decided to bring my knowledge to a wider audience online through my unique online course, The Effortlessly Flavorful Vegan Kitchen.

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